Ultimaker S5 Material Station, Local Makers Amsterdam

Ultimaker S5 Material Station

3,018.95Incl. VAT


What’s included:

  • S5 Material Station
  • 3 x Ultimaker Tough PLA 750g
  • 3 x Ultimaker ABS 750g


Specifications & more information

Filament diameter:2.85 mm
Material spool dimensions:Width: 50 – 70mm / Diameter: 197 – 203mm / Core diameter: > 98mm
Capacity:6 spools
Material recognition:Auto-recognition enabled with NFC Scanner
Feeder type:Dual-geared, abrasion resistant
Connection (data):UMB Connection
Power input:85 – 264 VAC, max 125W
Power output:Max. 10A
Compatibility:Ultimaker S5
Compatibility Materials:Optimized for: PLA, Tough PLA, Nylon, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PC, TPU 95A, PP, PVA, Breakaway. Also supports third-party materials
Dimensions:491 x 438 x 400mm
Net weight:17.7kg
Software:Ultimaker Cura, Ultimaker Connect, Ultimaker Cloud

With the Ultimaker S5 Material Station  you can load Ultimaker filament spools in any of its six bays, in any order – with NFC recognition.

That’s over 28 million material and color combinations to suit your applications and your workflow. Add in third-party materials and the options are limitless.

If filament runs out or you start a new print that needs a different material, the Material Station automatically switches to the next spool, as long as it is loaded in one of the bays.


Endless productivity

Due to the perfect compatibility with the Ultimaker S5, the Material Station is redefining the standards of material changing. The automatic changing allows you to produce 24/7, due to the 6-spool controlled chamber. This chamber optimizes the humidity. Built-in filament sensors, the automatic filament changing system and composite-ready feeders allow you to use endless possibilities of materials on the Ultimaker S5.

Ease up your workflow

With this Material Station, Ultimaker continues their run: combining quality with an ease of use when 3D printing. Loading is seamless, storage of not-used materials is optimized. The combination with the well-known Ultimaker software allows you to focus on your work for the full 100%.