Formlabs Tough Resin Cartridge 1L V3

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Tough: ABS-Like Resistance to Stress and Strain

Tough Resin is more impact resistant than standard 3D printed parts, so it’s perfect for snap-fit joints, assemblies, and rugged prototypes.
Use it for parts that need to resist breaking or deforming under a load and for its high geometric accuracy.

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New Line of Engineering Resins

Tough was designed to simulate ABS plastic, with comparable tensile strength and modulus. Perfect for functional prototyping, this sturdy, shatter-resistant material has been developed to withstand high stress and strain.

ABS is a thermoplastic polymer whose sturdy, shatter-resistant properties and resistance to stress and strain have made it a popular choice for functional prototyping and items like enclosures for consumer products, automotive trim elements, and household goods.
Like ABS, our reformulated Tough Resin balances strength with elongation, so Tough parts absorb energy and begin to deform before they snap or shatter.

  • Snap-fit joints
  • Assemblies
  • Rugged prototypes