What’s included:


Form 2

2,699.00Incl. VAT


What’s included:

  • Form 2 Desktop 3D Printer
  • Build Plate
  • Calibration Tool
  • 1X Standard Resin
  • Finishing kit

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Formlabs Form 2

The most advanced desktop SLA 3D printer ever created

Incorporating numerous improvements over the Form 1 and the Form 1+, the Form 2 brings professional 3D printing to your desktop.

Build volume has been increased and a more powerful laser utilized. The print process has been improved. A next-generation resin system ensures worry-free printing no matter how large the object. And enhanced connectivity options allow remote monitoring and intervention.

Incredible resolution, high-quality finish

The Form 2 uses a narrower and more powerful laser than the Form 1+ and build space has been increased by 40% (to 145 x 145 x 175 mm), allowing you to create objects of remarkable size and detail – with a minimum layer thickness of 25 microns.

materials system

The redesigned resin system features a slide peel mechanism and heated resin tray, reducing inconsistency and improving reliability whether you’re printing a functional part or a sculptural piece. The cartridge-based system automatically dispenses resin based on the size of your print, eliminating the need to pause and refill.

Resin Tank

Removable Resin Tanks make storing and swapping resin simple. They’re stackable and they block light, prolonging the life of your material, and hold your resin at 35 ┬░C when in use – optimal for a successful print.

Resin Library

A full range of standard, functional, and the new biocompatible Dental SG resin ensures there’s a Formlabs material that’s right for your project. Formlabs Resin Cartridges are equipped with an ID chip that allows you to track your resin supplies and usage via the Printer Dashboard. Want to experiment with third-party resins? Use Open Mode and you’re free to do so.

Touch panel

An onboard touch-screen display allows for complete control of the Form 2 – no need for a tethered computer.


WiFi connectivity allows you to send prints to the Form 2 directly from your computer, without using USB. Remote monitoring via your Formlabs Printer Dashboard will alert you when a print is completed, allows you to manage your print queue, and pause or resume an in-progress print.