Formlabs Form Cure

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Form Cure introduces a powerful method that enhances post-curing 3D prints by precisely controlling light, temperature, and time. Form Cure pairs 405 nm light with a heating system that achieves temperature conditions ideal for the properties of the SLA printed parts. Post-curing with Form Cure improves the performance of all Formlabs materials: standard resins increase in strength, engineering resins reach peak performance, and castable resins burn out more cleanly. Post-curing is required for biocompatible resins.

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Formlabs Form Cure

With the Form Cure, Formlabs is offering a reliable and professional post-curing solution. This post-curing station controls temperature and light precisely so that your Form 2 3D prints are cured in the best way possible. The curing gives them optimal performance properties.

The Form Cure has precise temperature control, which is important for successful post-curing your prints. The chamber of the Form Cure can reach up to 80°C. The Form Cure also has 13 LEDs, which emit 405nm light to trigger the post-curing reaction. This results in optimal results.

Last, the Form Cure also has a rotating turntable, forced-air heating and multi-directional LED’s to reach the best prints.

What is Post-Curing?

During post-curing, exposure to 405 nm light triggers the formation of additional chemical bonds within a printed part, making the material stronger and stiffer. Heat accelerates this process and enables more complete bond formation for a fast and highly effective post-cure resulting in optimal material properties.

Post-curing improves the material properties of all resins: