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What is intellectual property and why to protect it?

Nowadays, the most valuable property of many businesses is their “intellectual property”. Think of the rights you (don’t) have on a trademark, a design, a text or an invention. This kind of property is, unlike a pen or a wallet, something you cannot touch, or put away in a safe — and that’s why it moves so quickly. A design or a creative idea is very easy to copy.

All the more reason to protect your intellectual property adequately. If you don’t take the right measures, your efforts will benefit not only you, but also your competitors. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything to obtain protection (as is the case with copyrights) and sometimes it may be quite complicated.

What kinds of intellectual property are there?

There are many kinds of intellectual property. As we don’t want to overwhelm you, only the most important ones are listed below.

File a trademark in Amsterdam

Trademark your logo and name

To obtain this right, registration is necessary.
Separate registration is needed for each country or region (like Benelux or EU).
A trademark right can be denied if there is a conflict with an existing trademark.

Product design protection in Amsterdam

Design rights - for the look of your products

To obtain this right, registration is necessary.
The design must be new and (somewhat) original.

Intellectual property rights in the Netherlands.

Copyright - for all kinds of designs

Copyrights are created automatically
(no formalities needed)
Important to make ownership arrangements, think of: employer/employee, founders, freelancers.
Because there is no ‘register’, ownership, existence and infringement of copyrights is sometimes unclear.

File a patent in Amsterdam.

Technical inventions

To obtain this right, registration is necessary.
The invention must be new and inventive
(that means: it must not be obvious).
Be careful with disclosing the invention, otherwise it may not be new anymore.

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We work together with law firm - Speyer

Local Makers has a business subscription
with law firm Speyer.
Therefore, clients of Local Makers can engage Speyer
at a reduced rate.

Speyer IP lawyer in Amsterdam

Speyer’s services include:

General advice in intellectual property matters.
Registering trademark, design and patent rights.
Intellectual property checks, including strategic advice.
Litigation in disputes involving intellectual property.
Contact Speyer today - www.speyer.nl


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