What we did

Local Makers Projects developed the product for Mendo team. We were responsible for the whole process, starting with the sketching phase and ending with production and quality check.

Concept Sketches

Starting with the briefing made by the Mendo team and taking in consideration all their wishes and desires Local Makers sketched dozens of options of the book stand. From the multiple variations, there were chosen 3 winner that were presented to the client. The 3 options differed in style, material and shape, but where all in line with Mendo core identity.

3D Design

Once the favorite design option was picked, Local Makers went on with refining all the corners and details that would make the book stand look complete.


In order to present the visual appearance of the final design, Local Makers Projects made an in-house prototype of the book stand. Once we had the confirmation from the client we dived into the manufacturing phase.


Local Makers Projects researched for several potential partners which could manufacture at the desired quality and price point for our client. Before the batch was ordered, we received a sample of the product so that we could check the quality and appearance.


Till the very moment, Mendo bookstore ordered a batch of 1000 book stands that will be sold through their website as well as retail shops. You can purchase your own book stand on Mendo webshop.

Design and prototype service in Amsterdam
Local Makers - product design studio in Amsterdam
Local Makers - product design studio in Amsterdam
Design and prototype service in Amsterdam
Mendo book stand made in Amsterdam by Local Makers
Mendo book stand designed in Amsterdam

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