Product Design Sprints

A Product Design Sprint can vary between 1 to 2 weeks depending on your idea. It combines design thinking and rapid prototyping to find the best product solutions in the quickest way. This can be effective in moving your idea forward, regardless of your business stage. Each day of the sprint corresponds to another stage of solving the problem. The five phases will help you understand your business ideas and needs.

Our Design Sprints are best for:

                • Smart Devices/ IOT Devices / Connected devices
                • Hardware Products / Toys / Gadgets / Accessories
                • Improving underperforming products
                • Team Building / Creative workshops
                • Business model validation

How It Works

Define Idea & Goals

The first step is all about understanding your goals. What you want to make, who you want to make it for, how much it should cost and how much it should sell for.

If you don’t have a product in mind already, we can explore problems that we would like to solve through innovation.

Brainstorm Solutions & Sketch Concepts

The next step we focus on generating and exploring as many ideas as possible. Through brainstorming sessions and individual analyses, each team member will propose their ideas that will be studied and discussed in a group.

At the end of this session we will (hopefully) have 2 or 3 solid concepts for the Local Makers team to sketch out and present the next day.

Decision Making

At this stage, we’ll have plenty of ideas which the team came up with during the previous two steps. The goal now is to identify the best ideas and decide which of them should be prototyped in the next step.

Once the best ideas have been decided, the sketches and product feature list will be handed over to the Local Makers Design team who will turn your ideas into 3D models.

3D Modelling + Prototype

For the next 2 days, Local Makers will be hard at work 3D modeling, designing, programming your ideas into first prototypes. During this time, we work with your team to discuss launch strategy, branding & the best road to market.


Product Testing & Feedback

The final stage of the sprint is the analyze, test and refine the prototypes that the Local Makers team have been working hard on for the previous few days.

Together we will have a chance to test your invention.

Ready For Launch & Manufacturing

Sometimes there’s more designing, prototyping, planning involved to launch your product. But, sometimes we hit bullseye straight away and can get your invention ready to produce.

After the Product Design Sprint and once you are totally satisfied with your product. Local Makers Projects can help you manufacture your design. We will provide you with quotes from our suppliers and can make the whole manufacturing and fulfillment process for your company, so you can focus on selling your invention.

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What happens after the design sprint?

Now that you made a pilot test of the idea, you can roll up your sleeves and proceed to the next step – turn your idea into a product ready to be manufactured and launched on the market. Our group of talented professionals will make sure the design and engineering are cost-effective and fit for production.

Sprint 1

Define Idea

Refine idea

Confirm final design


Find manufacturers


Packaging & Launch!!!

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