Custom made logo for Mendo by Local Makers

MENDO Bookstand

A timeless book stand designed for Mendo Bookstore - a candy store for book aficionados.

3D printed rabbit, Van Gogh museum Amsterdam

Van Gogh Rabbit

Local Makers projects is bringing Van Gogh paintings to life! The 3D printed and hand-painted rabbit is now on display…

Housing 3D printed, Local Makers Amsterdam

Solid Optics MFT-3

Casing of an optical fiber tool from sketch to mass production.

Bambooze, Local Makers Amserdam


Changing the world one drink at a time. Coming soon!

Bongo Love calculator 3D print, Local Makers Amsterdam

Bongo Love Calculator

The Bongo love calculator analyses your oxytocin and pheromone levels, accurately deducing a couple’s compatibility percentage!

monira al qadiri romanesco dream, Local Makers Amsterdam

Romanesco Dream

Our client Monira Al Qadiri got a new commission by the Via Nova college to 3D print a giant sculpture…

3D printed Lamps, Local Makers Amsterdam


Meltdown is a lamp concept consisting of 6 3D-printed parts which can be combined differently to fit and transform any…

Hipdonkey Prototype, local Makers Amsterdam


An amazing leather gadget designed for carrying your coat in style and allowing you to keep your hands free.

Tele2 Vr glasses, Local Makers Amsterdam

TELE2 x Jan Taminiau VR glasses

In collaboration with the famous Dutch designer Jan Taminiau famous Dutch designer Jan Taminiau, Local Makers designed, prototyped and 3D…

Ivy baby safety, Local Makers Amsterdam

Ivy – Top Secret

Coming soon we have an innovative accessory that makes changing nappies safer.

Jewelry Design, Local Makers Amsterdam

OneDay jewelry line

OneDay was created internally by the Local Makers team. Crafted with our enduring passion for design and innovation, One Day…

3D print House, Local makers Amsterdam

KLM Houses

Everybody loves the KLM Delft Blue houses, right? Local Makers decided to offer this service to our customer. Send us…

Foam Locus, Local Makers Amsterdam

Foam Locus

A tool that allows new baristas immediately steam milk like a pro. Foam Locus is an add-on to your milk…

Gemvision AR Case, Local Makers Amsterdam

Gemvision AR Case

Product design and manufacturing a custom made, beskope Smart Carry Case for AR Glasses. Client: Gemvision

3D printed hair, Local Makers Amsterdam


Local Makers helped Max Shaw, owner of Toni&Guy Rozengracht to create a wig for the Coiffure Awards 2017. Over 600…

Local Makers Amsterdam

Pedal Plate

A Kickstarter success story. The Pedal Plate is the only compact, affordable solution adapting your Shimano SPD-SL or Look Keo…

Monira Orbit, 3D print, Local Makers Amsterdam

OR-BIT and Spectrum 1 & 2

Local Makers designed and 3D printed the art pieces collection made for the Kuwaiti visual artist Monira al Qadiri.

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