What we did

The art director of Toni&Guy Rozengracht came to Local Makers with the idea to implement his creative vision into life. The goal was to create an alien like costume that would be used for Coiffure Awards 2017 competition photoshoot.

Concept Sketches

Inspired by the art of H. R. Giger art, Local Makers sketched a few options of the costume and 3D modeled it in the program.


All the pieces of the costume where 3D printed in house on the Ultimaker 3D printer, and tailored according to the model. Only for the wig itself, there were used 600+ individual 3D printed pieces. All the parts were then hand finished in copper paint.


Max Shaw, owner of Toni&Guy Rozengracht. Participated in the Coiffure Awards 2017 competition and were nominated for the avant-garde hairdresser of the year 2017 category.

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