What we did

We developed the casing to be produced by SLS printing and then optimized it for injection moulding.


Instead of sketches, we started with designing a ‘shell’ for the PCB and the connectors. Only after confirming the internal layout and the measurements we designed the outer looks, keeping the design simple, easy to use and small.


First we used fast FDM printing (Ultimaker) to confirm dimensions and aesthetics. For higher details we used Formlabs Form 2 which produces mass-production quality prints.


The first hundred casings were produced with SLS printing in Belgium. The injection moulded casings are produced in the Netherlands, developed and managed by Local Makers.

Measuring elecktronic components, Local Makers Amsterdam
3D printed prototype, Local Makers Amsterdam
3D renders, Local Makers Amsterdam
Prototyping 3D housing, Local Makers Amsterdam
3D printed housing, Local Makers Amsterdam
Local Makers Amsterdam

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