What we did

Local Makers produced the sculpture based on Monira’s instructions.

3D Scanning

We scanned several romanesco broccoli to find the ideal shape and resolution for the sculpture.

Structural Design

Due to the special geometry of the artwork, 3D printing was the ideal production method. Local Makers cut the sculpture in multiple pieces to fit large size 3D printers. The sculpture was designed to maintain optimal balance of weight to production time.


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3D Printing

The body of the artwork was produced in PLA plastic on a Builder Extreme printer and Ultimakers. The artwork was digitally cut in 16 large and 26 small pieces and 3D printed piece by piece then assembled into one big broccoli.

Spray Painting

The special color effect was achieved with cameleon car paint applied in 5 layers and finished with a layer of fire retardant clear coating.

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