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Foam Locus is a time-efficient tool which helps the new personnel make perfect milk foam, instantly. The concept of the project was born once our client Tjeerd Schravendeel decided that foaming milk should be easier and more accessible. He approached Local Makers with just the idea in his mind, and the great desire to make the project come to life. From there our team of designers helped Tjeerd with the whole journey to get his product to market, this involving: sketching, designing, prototyping, testing.

Concept Sketches

Once presented with the idea of our client, Local Makers team proceeded with brainstorming and concepting the ultimate tool for baristas that would serve their customers the perfect micro foam. We sketched several options for our client, from which was chosen one direction we could further work on.

3D Modelling

Local Makers made the design of the add-on to the milk pitcher and made in house several prototypes to test the angle, conveniency, grip to the edge of the milk pitcher, and dimensions of the tool.

Milk Foamer, Local Makers Amsterdam


Once the final design was chosen, we made the technical drawings that our client used to file the patent and go into production.


Foam Locus was launched in January 2017. The same month Foam Locus received the Horeca Innovation award. Later that year in March, Dagmar Geerlings won second place at the Dutch Barista Championship while using Foam Locus and March 15 was the first day that Foam Locus was available worldwide.

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Foam Locus, Product Design, Local Makers Amsterdam

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